• Quizzito - what is it?

    Quizzito is a website that affects the areas of education and knowledge. It aims to encourage children to read in a dynamic and interactive environment. Our challenge is to get kids to get a taste for reading.

    alright ... but how?

    By offering online questionnaires on children's stories.

    By providing opportunities for teachers and group leaders to monitor their readers and give them incentives through messaging.

    ah ... yes ! and how does it work?

    Simply register your group or class on Quizzito . After reading a recognized Quizzito book, the reader connects to our site via his account. He searches for the corresponding questionnaire and answers the questions online.

    The reader wins or loses points based on right or wrong answers. Points accumulate from one questionnaire to another. The group leader can monitor the results and the progress of each reader via a system of statistics (number of books read, points earned, ... ).

  • Quizzito - for whom?

    Quizzito is for children aged 6 to 12. It is intended primarily for classes or reading groups.

  • Quizzito - why?

    Encourage and motivate children to read:

    - Through a system of points awarded for each question answered.

    - By organizing reading competitions within a group or between different groups.

    - Through virtual diplomas awarded to the top readers.

    -By congratulatory emails sent by teachers or the group leader.

    Help children understand what they read:

    - Through general questions about the text (unfolding of the story, characters, images, ...).

    - Through a variety of questions that develop different skills in children.

    Monitor and guide children:

    - Teachers have the opportunity to monitor their students online. They can check the comprehension and the number of books read.

    - Teachers can also select books according to their educational projects.

Read, play et win

Each questionnaire contains ten questions. There are three possible answers but only one is correct.you will be awarded points for each correct answer according to school level or book class.points will be withdrawn in case the answer is wrong. The reader has the possibility of avoiding the question, in this case he obtains zero point.